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Automated machine monitoring for reliable rotation

SKF Enlight Collect IMx-1

Automated machine monitoring for reliable rotation

SKF Enlight Collect IMx-1

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Higher availability and a more efficient workforce have increased profitability by 4-10%. These impressive results have been realized within asset-intensive companies that have used condition monitoring tools to reduce unplanned downtime while boosting maintenance-labor productivity. ​

However, many companies that have implemented digital maintenance and reliability solutions have seen little measurable impact (due to a McKinsey report). ​

  • How can you make the difference facing these business challenges?​
    Increasing demands on plant performance putting increasing pressure on machinery;​
  • To avoid unnecessary downtime, equipment needs to be monitored more often;​
  • Less time and resources are available for manual walk-arounds;​
    Safety and environment are of increasing importance;​
  • Loss of production and higher maintenance costs, if not managed well.​

Now there is a new way to achieve reliable rotation. Read further!​

IMx-1 acceleration data

@ptitude Observer anomaly detection IMx-1 sensor accelaration data (fans)

SKF Enlight Collect IMx-1​

The IMx-1 sensors allow you to build an automated machine monitoring system powered by cloud based IoT solutions and AI driven analytics. It is wireless, easily scalable and connected to SKF Remote Diagnostic Centers. ​
IMx-1 sensors communicate machine data over a low energy mesh network – designed to navigate data around the wireless obstacles presented by typical industrial environments – back to a gateway. This, in turn connects to the plant’s network, or to the internet for use by hosted monitoring services via SKF Cloud. ​

SKF Enlight Collect IMx-1 is one system that can replace many, and a key to proactive maintenance that allows you to avoid unplanned downtime.​

SKF Enlight Collect IMx-1 can detect and process common issues like:​

• Unbalance ​
• Misalignment ​
• Temperatures ​
• Looseness ​
• Electrically induced vibration ​
• Early stage damage to bearings and gears​

IMx-1 Wireless Monitoring

IMx-1 Wireless Monitoring

Customer experiences


BASF – chemical company, had been looking at condition monitoring systems with wireless sensors for critical and semi-critical applications for a long time due to safety, but also their practicality in both cost and ease of installation.​

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Saint Gobain

Saint Gobain – has increased knowledge of critical installations by monitoring it. Unplanned stops due to bearing damage, unbalance, alignment and lubrication problems have been minimized.​

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Sappi Lanaken

Sappi – can produce pulp and paper in a safer way and have a higher data density even from hard-to-reach locations. Specialists have more time to interpret the data. Machine availability has been further optimized.​

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